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Keeping regional communities informed



Vision TV is a well established and reputable video production and media broadcast enterprise based in the Blue Mountains. We believe in accessible news, information sharing and promotional opportunities in regional communities.

In mid-March, the regional media environment changed virtually overnight due to the COVID-19 global crisis. Regional news outlets have assigned journalists to Sydney and Canberra to cover the ongoing COVID-19 crisis and the ever-changing response to it. This follows the progressive budget cuts to regional media outlets in recent years.

This presents a challenge for regional councils, community organisations and businesses to get their message out to their communities, clients and customers. This challenge comes at a time when CEOs,

Residents are in near lockdown, staff have been stood down, and business as usual is suspended. Yet the wheels of local and state government keep turning, bushfire and drought recovery efforts continue, and some community and business sector activities continue. This means the need for information and public participation in local decision making is as critical as ever.


We can work with you to create a weekly or fortnightly program of stories to keep your profile active and your community or customer base engaged. Ideas include, but are not limited to:

messaging about changes to service delivery, stock and supply chain management, as well

as communicating with staff, due to the impacts of COVID-19, all with a limited budget.

Vision TV can help your organisation keep your community, clients and customers informed

of these changes, as well as business as usual activities, with greater reach and impact, in

the absence of regional news crews and face to face engagement activities. Accessible

communication, staying connected and building community are critical elements to good

leadership, especially in times of uncertainty, disruption and change.

  • Regional stories on impacts, initiative and adaptation in a time of Covid-19.

  • Life Goes On – local government and community organisations are still operational

    and are conducting many business-as-usual services and opportunities for

    community participation in local decision making.

  • CEO and Mayoral messages to community, clients and customers

  • Solutions media approach – positive and transformative organisational and

    community initiatives happening behind the scenes (quiet achievers) on various topics

  • Live streaming events or forums

  • Sharing community engagement activities virtually

  • Content and script writing for all news and communiques

    Your stories and messages will be packaged to suit your audience. This may be branded social media packages with a clear call to action or an electronic press kit distributed to TV and press, or both!

Covid-19 response

The safety and well-being of Vision TV staff and clients is paramount.
We can provide our news and broadcast services whilst adhering to the public health orders issued by the NSW and Australian Governments, and the social/physical distancing requirements. News is deemed to be an essential service and we are committed to conducting our service in a responsible manner in the interest of public health and safety, so we can spread the word, not the virus.


Vision TV is a well-established and highly regarded video production and media broadcast company with diverse range of clients in the public, private and community sectors. To see some of our work we invite you to visit .

Our team draws on communications specialists, with experience in strategic communications, media and public relations, issue management and community engagement, as needed to support our clients.

Introducing Spread the Word team:


Scott Richardson

Has been working for 35 years professional in the TV and film industry, starting as a news cameraman and director of photography, and more recently as a producer. Scott is well known for his creative solutions to audio visual and broadcast challenges. He moves easily between corporate, government, not-for-profit and community clients affording the same quality of service and professionalism to all.


Adrienne Murphy

Is an accomplished communications professional with over 20 years of experience in the local government sector. With experience across the breadth of communications and marketing fields, Adrienne’s strengths include media management, stakeholder and government relations, event management, and crisis communications and issue management. Adrienne is a natural communicator and versatile writer who understands how local communities ‘tick’.


Services and Price Guide

The Vision TV team offers flexible news, video messaging and broadcast services – see ideas outlined above. Rather than setting out a pricing schedule, let’s talk about your communication needs and budget first and then we will tailor a package and price for you to consider. We recognise that councils and other organisations are adjusting service and staffing levels in response to COVID-19 restrictions and need to manage budgets accordingly.

Prices are inclusive of all associated costs except for travel and accommodation costs incurred for jobs undertaken outside Vision TV’s planned visits to regional areas. These costs will be negotiated and agreed to in consultation with you.


Our area is approximately bordered by Wollongong to the south, Newcastle to the north, and Dubbo/Parkes/Pilliga to the west. Vision TV is registered for GST. Local suppliers used where possible.


We are excited to work with you soon

Vision TV respects and celebrates the Traditional Custodianship of Darug and

Gundungurra country where we live and work.

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